Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic Oil

Our hydraulic lubricants are formulated to meet the demands of today’s high-pressure industrial and mobile equipment hydraulic systems. These hydraulic fluids help keep hydraulic systems cleaner, longer compared to conventional hydraulic fluids. They’re proven to boost hydraulic efficiency, which can decrease power consumption and increase system responsiveness. They can also help reduce machine maintenance and operating costs. We are a notable hydraulic oil supplier from New Delhi, India. Besides, our hydraulic oils are accessible at very reasonable prices.


  • Right viscosity to satisfy the demands of the hydraulic pump and the designed system.
  • High viscosity index to restrict viscosity changes under operating conditions.
  • Good film strength and antiwear properties to minimise wear of pumps, valves, cylinders, pistons etc.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance to prevent rusting and corrosion of metal parts.
  • Resistance to foaming to ensure prompt and efficient functioning.
  • High chemical stability to ensure long and trouble free service life.


Hydraulic grades are recommended for use in hydraulic systems, enclosed gear boxes, chain drives, compressors, vacuum pumps, mining machinery, machine tools, hydraulic and circulation system and enclosed gear boxes which do not require EP type lubricants.


Hydraulic oil 32 46 68 100 150 220 320 460
ISO Viscosity
cSt @ 40º C
29-34 42-50 62-68 90-100 140-160 200-240 310-340 430-500
Viscosity Index, MIN 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90
Flash point, º C, min 190 190 210 210 230 230 250 260

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